Relax the body.

Calm the mind.

Feel the difference.

Guiding the body through subtle movements and gentle manipulations to release the muscles and reduce pain.

Let's put you first.

Think about the moments after your last massage: Your mind was clear. Your muscles were relaxed. You were breathing more easily. You felt like you could tackle the world because you were feeling your best self. What if you could make that experience last longer?

Hi, I'm Ellen Williams, a New York City-based licensed massage therapist, specializing in Ortho-Bionomy®. As a bodyworker with over 25-years experience, I've helped hundreds of clients reduce or eliminate pain, stress and discomfort, and get them back to living pain-free lives. 

It's a busy world out there and a lot is asked of us on a daily basis, but if we don't take the time to replenish and rejuvenate ourselves, how can we ever expect to give our best? Remember: it's ok to put yourself first once in awhile.


Bodywork Modality

Combining Eastern and Western techniques, Ortho-Bionomy® is a non-invasive therapeutic form of bodywork that relaxes the muscles and clears the mind. Clients often experience:

  • Reduced back pain and neck pain
  • Alleviated tendonitis and carpal tunnel
  • Relieved TMJ aches and pains
  • Increased joint flexibility
  • Reduced frozen shoulder
  • Minimized postural and structural imbalance
  • Improved breathing

Pricing + Details

Hourly Sessions: Ortho-Bionomy® sessions are available by appointment only, including weekends.

  • 60 minutes: $150
  • 90 minutes: $200

Multi-session Packages: As a licensed massage therapist, I’ve seen the transformative healing power of Ortho-Bionomy® over a series of sessions. My multi-session packages are created depending on your schedule and are highly popular amongst my clients. Please indicate in your message if you are interested in my package offerings.

On-the-Go: If you would like me to visit your home or office to provide bodywork services, I am happy to travel to meet your needs. Travel rates will apply. 

48-hr Cancellation Policy: Client is responsible for 100% of the full value of service should the appointment be cancelled with less than 48-hours notice. I appreciate your understanding of this policy. 

Gift a Session: What better way to treat your loved ones than with soothing and restorative massage? Gift certificates are available at any desired amount and are available upon request. Gift certificates can be redeemed up to one year from the date of issue.


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