Ellen Williams, LMT is the best — by Joanne T.

I am a multi-certified Master Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with 15 years of service. But I still get aches and pains from everyday life and the stress we all experience. Ellen Williams has helped to heal them all. She has a wonderful knowledge of the human body, and an intuitive feeling of how to help. I refer every one of my personal training clients to her, to take advantage of the most excellent massage therapy, in a soothing, relaxing setting. Ellen is the best, East and West!


Miracle Hands — by Melissa N.

Ellen’s hands are truly a miracle. I came to Ellen in a lot of pain and with difficulty in walking. And I came to her after trying just about every kind of bodywork out there. Ellen’s very talented and her Ortho-Bionomy bodywork has made the most profound difference in my ability to move again. My posture changed. I can move and articulate my ribs, hip and spine in a very different way and my pain is gone. Plus she has so much energy in her hands and radiates so much kindness, it was a truly wonderful experience. I highly recommend her.


Ahhhhhhh! Finally,someone got it right! — by Kit K.

I just finished a massage with Ellen “Magic Hands” Williams and it is true what they say. She’s magic. From the moment I laid down I felt my body start to relax because I am a highly sensitive person and the table was so soft and comfortable, I felt like I was in good hands already. Even the headrest was cushioned and comfy. The shoulder wedges she used were very much appreciated by my full figure. I opted for a hot stone massage which was heavenly. Some spas put the stones on you and leave you alone, but not Ellen. She used the smooth stones to work out the knots PLUS left some on sore spots to release the tension. As she worked on my locked shoulder I felt immediate relief and when she used Ortho-Bionomy on my back injury, I heard my spine say, “Finally, someone understands me.” At the end I began to worry that I was too relaxed to get up and might have to sleep there.


Feel the Magic — By Barbara S.

Ellen Williams is a uniquely gifted and highly trained massage therapist who cares deeply about her clients. And it shows. She takes the time to understand your specific needs and discuss what massage techniques she feels will be most beneficial for you. Her massages are customized to give you the maximum results. She pays close attention to how your body is responding and adjusts her touch accordingly. Ellen has magic hands. And when you are in her hands, you feel the magic.


Amazing Bodyworker with a Heart of Gold — By Michael P.

As some one that has had tons of bodywork/healing treatments, I can say that Ellen is a ONE OF A KIND. She is an expert at what she does. I have been having some neck/cervical issues for some years and after just a couple visits, my neck is SO much better. I actually have forgotten about my neck pain…I also sleep so much better. She has also helped my with some solar plexus issues. Not only is she terrific at bodywork, she has the most wonderful energy about herself. She has a heart of gold.


Miracle Massage — by Melia

I just had the most wonderful ortho bionomy massage from Ellen Williams. Her hands are truly golden, full of wonderful energy and very healing. I came to her in a lot of pain and found her ortho bionomy massage truly unique. I had a lot of pain in my back and hip and was having trouble walking. Ortho bionomy made such a difference and my pain has disappeared and my posture has improved. She is truly a miracle worker.


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