Is this you?

You lead a very stressful life. You have a demanding career, which requires working long hours. You may also have responsibilities at home, taking care of your family. Wearing so many hats exacts a stiff price, especially if you are committed to excellence. Even if you are an expert juggler, inevitably balls get dropped, and what suffers is you. Perhaps you don’t take the time to exercise. You forget to eat, or eat at your desk. You certainly don’t get very much sleep. Are there bags under your eyes? Dark circles?

It sounds like you’re out of balance – burning the candle at both ends. At some point, your performance will suffer. Are you there now? Are you having trouble sleeping? Concentrating? Focusing?

Why wait to get to that point. Why not do something about it now. Let’s help you get back into balance so you’re performing at your peak on the job and at home. Wouldn’t you love to feel loose and limber? Wouldn’t you love to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep until it’s time to get up? What are you willing to do to feel good?

Here’s a question for you: If you bought a Jaguar or BMW, would you not take it in for servicing when the owner’s manual suggested it? Would you ignore a funny sound in the engine? Would you put economy gas in the car? If you’ve answered “No” to any or all of the above, then you would be taking better care of your car than you do of yourself. You can always buy a new car, but you can’t buy a new body.

Of course, you can begin eating better and exercise regularly, but what will you do to calm your mind, relax your body and soothe your spirit? Have you thought of adding regular Ortho-Bionomy sessions or massage into your health and wellness regimen?

Wouldn’t you like to feel comfortable in your body? Wouldn’t you love to have those tight muscles in your neck and shoulders stop hurting? How would it feel to be able to get into bed and get comfortable so you can sleep?

Why not keep yourself in top form so you can perform at your best. Aren’t you worth it? How much do you value your health and wellness? Are you willing to take the time to gain yours back?

I’ve helped my clients feel looser, lighter, taller, and more flexible after regular sessions of 60 or 90 minutes on my table. They can move their necks more easily; in fact, their necks look longer because they’re no longer wearing their shoulders like earrings. Their lower backs feel looser, and that pain between their shoulder blades is gone. I’ve helped knee pain disappear, helped clients recover from surgery faster, and helped pain from bunions and hammertoes lessen or disappear. These clients know the value of regular Ortho-Bionomy and O-Bssage sessions and realize the importance of great bodywork in helping them perform their best.

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