Five Element Shiatsu



Shiatsu focuses on energy flow within the body, unlike Western massage techniques, which focus on the muscles. Five Element Shiatsu works with the body’s energy in the order energy flows through the body, so that energetic harmony is maintained. Energy flows throughout the body along “one-way streets”. This Shiatsu technique follows this flow, working with it rather than against it.

Shiatsu is a form of Oriental Bodywork, the most well-known form of Acupressure. It uses finger pressure along the body’s energy lines (meridians) running throughout the body to balance energy. By releasing areas where there is an energetic build-up and toning areas where there is too little energy, the shiatru therapist helps reestablish the energetic balance within the body.

The session is performed with the client wearing loose fitting clothing, preferably made from natural fibers to allow an energy transfer to take place.

Sessions are conducted on a massage table and can take from 60 to 75 minutes, depending on what needs to be done in the session.


Shiatsu Surprise – by Tony L.

I just had a shiatsu massage from Ellen and I cannot say enough about how much it helped me. It’s been my experience that shiatsu is one of those modalities that is difficult to perform well and assess it’s effectiveness; having experienced many shiatsu practitioners throughout the years. Ellen’s style is direct, intuitive, strong without being intrusive; she goes right to the heart of the matter and naturally follows your body’s rhythms. I had been feeling generally out of sorts, with little energy and tired all the time. Ellen balanced my energy and aligned my body. My strength and vitality have returned and I have the energy to get back to my work and that energy has been sustained. I will schedule regular maintenance sessions.