Do you want pain relief from headaches, neckaches, backaches, shoulder pain, aches in your shoulders or feet? Do you have trouble sleeping or getting up in the morning? Are you fatigued in the mid-afternoon? Do you suffer from menstrual cramps or other pains in your body?

Are you taking medication for chronic conditions, which might lead to heart attacks, cancer or stroke? Then you are among the 75% of Americans who are suffering the effects of stress. Millions of people rely on over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs to relieve these symptoms.

If there were safe, non-medical, non-invasive ways to manage your stress, eliminate pain and feel better, would you be open to learning more?

Then, welcome to the world of pain-free wellness.

Bodywork/massage modalities include

  • Ortho-Bionomy®
  • Five Element Shiatsu
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Medical Massage
  • Reiki

Experience therapeutic bodywork using both Eastern & Western techniques to relieve aches and pains from repetitive movements and stress. My work is strongly influenced by Ortho-Bionomy, a bodywork modality developed by Osteopath, Arthur Lincoln Pauls. Ortho-Bionomy is gentle, non-intrusive and safe, even with injuries and severe pain. O-B recognizes our body’s intelligence and works to return it to proper function by suggesting, rather than imposing change for longer lasting results.

One of only a handful of Ortho-Bionomy Practitioners in NYC, I have increased joint flexibility, reduced or eliminated back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, tendinitis and carpal tunnel, eliminated hip and knee pain, minimized postural and structural imbalances; and relieved TMJ and headaches.

See what some of my clients have to say.

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